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Beard Competition (Saturday August 31st)

Times: (may vary depending)
Doors Open 12pm for registration (We cannot serve mead until 12pm)
Registration Ends, Event and Judging Starts: 2pm

General Admission $5
Beard Comp. Registration: $10 before / $15 at the door
Children Under 13: Free
Vending Fee: $20

Registration Info:
Competitors can pre-register at the Brimming Horn in person, or any event where you find Viking Jerk / Rigr Crafts. Pre-registration is non-refundable.
Pre-registration cards will have a receipt attached.
Competitors that pre-registered will need their receipt, or their I.D. the day of the event.

Awards for Winners:
Each category will have a First Place Winner and a Runner-Up
First Place winners: Wooden Plaque, Engraved Comb, Bottle of oil and balm and a bottle of mead
Runner Up: Paper Certificate and a glass of mead.

Full Beard Groomed
Full Beard Natural
Full Beard Freestyle
Mustache Natural / Styled
Partial Beard Natural / Styled
Best in Show* *side category, determined by crowd

Definitions of Terms:
Full Beard = Hair grown on the face, with all parts of the beard and mustache grown
Mustache = Hair grown on the face above the upper lip and under nose. No chin hair
Partial Beard: Any hair grown on the face that is neither a Full Beard or just a Mustache. Example for partial beards are, but not limited to, Goatee (chin only), Donegal / Alaskan Whaler (mustache-less beard), Mutton Chops (connected sideburns and mustache) and Van Dyke (connected mustache and goatee).
Natural: No styling products, only brushed combed, shampoo/condition.
Groomed: "Expertly" brushed, trimmed and shaped. Generally maintained with minimal styling.
Freestyle: Styled with any products, in any configuration of the person's desire. Hair extensions, fake hair, pins, wire and other support elements are PROHIBITED.

Brimming Horn's bartender Nathan will be picking the charity from different Veteran homes.

We will have some bands and some food. TBD as we get this going.