Join Our Mead Club

Are you from out of town and still want to get Brimming Horn Mead?  Join our quarterly Mead Club and get 4 of our Meads every 3 months.  

Attention delaware residents.  You may now enter your information below and will become a pick up option.


MEad club is now open!!!

Our mead club will cost $80 per quarter (3 months) PLUS shipping.  You will receive 2 never before released meads made exclusively for the club and then 2 additional meads chosen by the mead maker.  If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in the meads chosen, please email us immediately and we can get you a different option.  Meads will be shipped out in January, April, July and October.  More info below! for any additional questions.

Feel free to sign up for the Mead Club.  First shipment will be sent in October.  Thank you

What advantages do I get with my Membership?

  • Joining up is free! For $80 (plus shipping) a quarter you will receive 4 bottles packed and shipped by us every 3 months: January, April, July and October. 2 bottles will be made especially for the mead club that can't be bought anywhere else (mead club exclusives) and 2 bottles chosen by the mead maker Jon.

  • The shipping price is not included in the $80 cost. If you are out of state and would rather pick up, please email us and we can change that for you or you can change it on your vinoshipper profile.

  • You will receive 15% off your entire bill anytime you're in the mead hall. This includes drinks, bottles and merchandise. You will also be given a 10% discount on all your online orders.

  • You will receive a birthday coupon for a free 4 tasting for you and a guest. Does not expire!

  • You will be added to a special newsletter that will inform you on any new releases / event tickets before we release the information to the public or social media. This will give you first dibs on bottles or tickets before anyone else. We may have some other interesting tidbits included for your eyes only.

Quarterly release:

Our "quarterly release" is the  package of 4 bottles that we send to you.

A week before charging your card, we will send an email letting you know that your order will be coming shortly. We will send information on how to update your profile and shipping information if you believe it may be wrong or if you moved recently. It is EXTREMELY important and UP TO YOU to make sure your address and credit card info is correct and up to date. If we process your order and the information is wrong, you may be liable for any charges that might occur with making the necessary changes. Shipment could be delayed if your information is not kept up to date.


We will be charging your credit card around a week before we ship out the boxes.  We ask for your patience at this time as we have a large number of members and it will take us up to a week to get all packages built and have UPS pick them up to send.  If you are a pick up member we will box yours up separately and have it ready as soon as we can.  This is our first attempt at our Mead Club and unfortunately there will be bumps in the road, we hope you understand that we are working day and night to pack your mead and get it sent, but with anything, issues do arrive.  We will make sure that you are kept aware if for any reason we see a delay. When your credit card is billed, we are only in the beginning stages of packing and organizing your orders. A typical Club Mead release takes upwards of 2 WEEKS to fulfill due to high demand. We are extremely thankful for your patronage of our club and again ask for your patience as we get your package ready.

Coming to the meadery for pick up:


If you are a “PickUp Member” you will need to pick up within 14 days of the release. Pick up orders save us on shipping, but due to our small footprint we CAN NOT have them sticking around for weeks at a time. If for any reason you are unable to pick up your package in the 14 days allotted, please email us at to let us know and we can try to work with you.  Please don't make this a habit though.  We do not accept substitution requests for mead club selections at the meadery.  

Because you will not receive a shipping notification, Pick-Up members will receive a separate email letting you know your order is available for pick up. Please WAIT for this email so you know when your mead package is ready. 



Mead can now be delivered right to your doorstep.  How cool is that! But unfortunately you may not be available and UPS returns your package to us; usually after 3 trys. Should this be a common theme, we will charge your card $20  from your credit card on file  you will be liable for the shipping cost to get it resent. UPS charges us  when the package is returned. If you know of any upcoming issue with your delivery, please email us at — BEFORE we charge your card!

*** If you would like to have it held at your local UPS center, please contact UPS when you receive your shipping notification. UPS will hold your packages at their stores all across America until you are able to pick them up.***



  • Our Mead Club is ongoing. You can cancel anytime, but must be done by emailing BEFORE the next quarter’s release. This means your card will continually be charged per quarter and mead sent to you until you contact us to cancel.

  • Club Mead is Quarterly. Shipments are in January, April, July and October

  • Club members will receive a 10% discount on any meads ordered online.

    We obey the laws of each state regarding shipment of mead direct to consumers. We will act to arrange shipments
    direct to consumers only to the following states and only in the quantities permitted by the laws of such states:

    Additional charges will apply for returned or re-shipped packages. 

    We will ship your Mead Club packages directly to your home or office in the first month of each quarter.  We will charge the credit card provided on your account, pack up your mead and send it on its way. It is your obligation to notify us at Brimming Horn Meadery of any account changes before the beginning of a shipment month. Misdirected shipments and delivery difficulties will result in additional shipping charges. 

    To update your account information, please call us at 302-664-1188 or email us at

    Membership is ongoing and may be cancelled with a 14 day written email after receiving your second Mead Club shipment. Please note that if a shipment is scheduled within 14 days of cancellation, you will be charged and your final mead selections will be shipped as scheduled.  Your membership will then be cancelled and you will no longer receive our meads.