Tastings and Events happening at the Meadery

Feel like stopping in to the meadery for a tasting?  Well, you're in luck.  We usually have 6 meads on our taps to try.  3 Traditional styles and 3 lightly carbonated session style meads.

Groups of 8 or more must call ahead.

Please contact Dwayne@brimminghornmeadery.com for all event questions. 

Tastings are served at these times:


Thursday from 3pm - 7pm

Friday from 12pm - 9pm

Saturday from 12pm - 5pm and goes to full pours only from 5pm - 9pm

Sunday from 12pm - 4pm

The  traditional style meads are (11-14% abv) and the session meads are(8% abv and lightly carbonated)

  • 4 samples for $8

  • 6 samples for $12

  • If you're thinking of staying a while longer, we have Mead available in 6oz pours for $10 and the session meads are 12oz pours on draft for $6.50

As per Delaware law, we may not pour tastings or full pours within the last 15 minutes of operation. Like "last call" at the bar, you must be underway with your tasting or drink. If you show up 10 minutes to closing we, legally, cannot pour any product for you. Children and well behaved pets are always welcome at Brimming Horn but you must be 21 to TASTE or buy. No exceptions!  By law, children may not stand nor sit at the bar or any service counter (must be 6ft from bar). 

Outside food is permitted in our hall.

On the Tasting Board:

Limited Release Menu:

Svartalfar 11-14% Sweet Mead made with Honey and Black Currants.

Detective Valentine’s Proprietary 11-14% Buckwheat & Wildflower Honey, Coffee and Vanilla beans aged in bourbon barrels for 3 months


Brimming Horn Meadery teams up with Chicago's The Atlas Moth and Dark Matter Coffee! Available Now!!!


Milton, DE., October 30,2018 – Brimming Horn Meadery returns with their fourth metal and mead series...This time teaming up with Chicago’s premier post-metal band The Atlas Moth.  If that wasn’t exciting enough, Chicago’s finest coffee purveyors Dark Matter Coffee sent down their special blend for the collaboration.  Hence “Detective Valentine’s Proprietary” was born.  Made from buckwheat and wildflower honey, coffee, vanilla beans and then aged in bourbon barrels for 3 months, this is a coffee lover’s dream and will be available this Friday, November 2nd.

Contact between Brimming Horn and vocalist/guitarist Stavros Giannopoulos began in mid-January about joining forces to create a specialty mead just for them.  Co-owner JR Walker explains “Stavros happened to mention that Dark Matter Coffee was doing a specialized coffee for the release of their new album Coma Noir, so I sent Jon the message and he got the creative juices flowing, so of course we had to use their own coffee for their mead.  We couldn’t be more excited to work with a band of their caliber and I think everyone will love this new mead”. 

Mead-maker Jon Talkington goes on to say " Once I heard that The Atlas Moth had their own coffee it just seemed too perfect not to put it in the mead. I chose dark buckwheat honey and wildflower honey as a base; coffee beans and vanilla beans were added right after fermentation and then the mead was transferred into a bourbon barrel to age and mellow for 3 months. I wanted the coffee to flavor the mead but not take over the honey, vanilla and barrel notes.  All the ingredients shine through in “Detective Valentine’s Proprietary” and it’s a sweet complex mead with a lot of flavor! " 

Here’s what to expect from the “Coffee Noir” addition from Dark Matter hype man Jake Kryshak. “When working with The Atlas Moth, we knew we needed to craft a blend that could stand tall with Coma Noir's massive psychedelic thunder. With that in mind, we took washed coffees from our partners in Guatemala and El Salvador to produce a complex blend with notes of Nougat, Peach, and Amaretto. When you're drinking Coma Noir, mysterious shadows turn into sinister personalities, and at the end of it all there may be no one left to trust but yourself--and your cup of coffee”. 

“Detective Valentine’s Proprietary” is based on the Atlas Moth’s latest album Coma Noir which was released in February on Prosthetic Records and hit the Billboard Music Charts at #24 for Top New Artists albums. This mead will be bottled in 500ml black ceramic bottles and available for $26.99.  Pick one up at Brimming Horn’s mead hall in Milton, Delaware or online from vinoshipper.com orwww.brimminghornmeadery.com this Friday November 2nd. Brimming Horn meadery ships to 42 different states.

THIS WEEKS Growler Fill:

We only fill 32oz growlers.  We will fill other company growlers, but we put our logo sticker over theirs.

32 oz Growler Fills of: 

Celtic Crusher

“Scottish Style” mead made with honey, 30 herbs & spices

Lightly Carbonated


$10 - BH Growler

$18 - 32oz fill