Tastings and Events happening at the Meadery

Feel like stopping in to the meadery for a tasting?  Well, you're in luck.  We usually have 6 meads on our taps to try.  3 Traditional styles and 3 lightly carbonated session style meads.

Groups of 8 or more must call ahead.

Tastings are served at these times:

Friday from 12pm - 7pm

Saturday from 12pm - 5pm and goes to full pours from 5pm - 7pm

Sunday from 12pm - 4pm

The  traditional style meads are (11-14% abv) and the session meads are(8% abv and lightly carbonated)

  • 4 samples for $8
  • 6 samples for $12
  • If you're thinking of staying a while longer, we have Mead available in 6oz pours for $10 and the session meads are 12oz pours on draft for $6.50 

As per Delaware law, we may not pour tastings or full pours within the last 15 minutes of operation. Like "last call" at the bar, you must be underway with your tasting or drink. If you show up 10 minutes to closing we, legally, cannot pour any product for you. Children and well behaved pets are always welcome at Brimming Horn but you must be 21 to TASTE or buy. No exceptions!  By law, children may not stand nor sit at the bar or any service counter (must be 6ft from bar). 

Outside food is permitted in our hall.

On the Tasting Board:

  1. Golden Tears       11-14%       Dry  Traditional Mead 
  2. Pomona's Pear     11-14%     Honey and Pear.   Semi-Sweet                                                                                       Mead
  3. Sljiva                     11-14%      Honey and Plum.  Semi-Sweet                                                                                    Mead
  4. Freya's Kiss          11-14%       Traditional Sweet Mead
  5. Six Demon Bag      8 %          Honey, Hops, Blackberries,                                                      Ginger, Lemon and Lime                                                                        Lightly Carbonated
  6. We Are Gruit            8%          Honey, Rosemary, Tarragon,                                                     Bog Myrtle and Juniper                                                               Berries. Lightly                                                                               carbonated
  7. Mel Ingenni               8 %      Honey,  Orange Peel, Hops and                                                   Coriander. Lightly carbonated.        
  8. Wolf Woods            11-14%     Honey, Juniper Berries and                                                         Hops. Sweet Mead                                        

Limited Release Menu:

Cytherea                           11-14%     Buckwheat Honey, Grapes,                                                                  Figs and Raisins, aged in Oak                                                                               barrels.

Svartalfar                          11-14%       Honey and Black Currants                                                                   aged in Oak.



June 8th, 9th and 10th at Brimming Horn Meadery


THIS WEEKS Growler Fill:

We only fill 32oz growlers.  We will fill other company growlers, but we put our logo sticker over theirs.

32 oz Growler Fills of: 

We are gruit


$10 - BH Growler

$18 - 32oz fill


A furore Normannorum libera nos, Domine
"From the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord."
June 8th 793 forever changed the world. This was the day of the first written account of the raid on the church of Lindisfarne, England. From then on the Vikings raided their way through the world striking fear into the hearts of men. 1,225 years later we will be celebrating this momentous event here at Brimming Horn Meadery on June 8th, 9th and 10th. This will be Delaware's first and only Viking themed event. We will have a full Viking encampment with market. Saturday will feature FULL POURS ONLY. We will NOT be doing samples that day. Our hours will be 12pm - 9pm Friday and Saturday, Sunday 12pm - 4pm.

Joining us for the occasion will be Milton's Cantina Ultima (they will be making pork shoulders and sides throughout the day on Saturday, as well as roasting a pig. The pig will be available around 6pm for all to enjoy.) Delaware's Bastion's Wake and Maryland's Teshaleh will be providing music throughout the day on Saturday. There will be vendors selling their homemade goods as well as our Viking invaders (SOR Events). There will be some workshops and the myths being told throughout the 3 days. Plus, mead maker Jon will be doing a story on both Friday and Saturday evening, which you won't want to miss.

The Vikings will be arriving Friday and setting up camp. Friday and Sunday will have some workshops as well as myth telling. Saturday will have the most going on with food and music as well. For those of you that plan on attending, PLEASE be advised that our parking lot is very small. Think about car pooling or Ubering in to the event. We're very excited to bring this to all of you. Below is the event list:

4pm - Workshop – Vikings choice
6pm - Myth story
7pm - Story from Jon
9pm - Closing

12pm – open – Food is served
12:30pm - Leather workshop
1pm – Bastion's Wake
2pm – Myth story
2:30pm – Teshaleh
3:30pm – Tablet weaving demo
4:30pm – Wedding myth Thor/Loki
5pm – Teshaleh
6pm – Pig is ready for eating / Myth Story
6:30pm – Bastion's Wake
7:30pm – Jon story
9pm – Closing

12:30pm – Viking choice workshop
1:30pm – Viking choice workshop
2:30pm – 4pm – Myth story and closing