Tastings and Events happening at the Meadery

Feel like stopping in to the meadery for a tasting?  Well, you're in luck.  We usually have 6 meads on our taps to try.  3 Traditional styles and 3 lightly carbonated session style meads.

The  traditional style meads are (11-14% abv) and the session meads are (8% abv and lightly carbonated)

  • 4 samples for $8
  • 6 samples for $12
  • If you're thinking of staying a while longer, we have Mead available in 6oz pours for $10 and the session meads are 12oz pours on draft for $6.50 

As per Delaware law, we may not pour tastings or full pours within the last 15 minutes of operation. Like "last call" at the bar, you must be underway with your tasting or drink. If you show up 10 minutes to closing we, legally, cannot pour any product for you. Children and well behaved pets are always welcome at Brimming Horn but you must be 21 to TASTE or buy. No exceptions!  By law, children may not stand nor sit at the bar or any service counter (must be 6ft from bar).  Outside food is permitted in our hall.

On the Tasting Board:

  1. Bjornbar Dry       11-14%      Dry Mead w/ local Blackberries 
  2. Freya's Kiss          11-14%      Traditional Semi-Sweet Mead
  3. Bloody Hoof        11-14%        Buckwheat Honey and Tart Cherries
  4. Persikka               11-14%        Honey and Peaches
  5. Sima                          8%           Honey and Lemon, Lightly Carbonated
  6. Gringer                     8%           Honey, Grapes and Ginger, Lightly Carbonated
  7. Last Harvest Cyser    8%         Honey, Apple, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg and                                                                         Allspice.  Lightly Carbonated
  8. Golden Cyser       11-14%         Honey and Apples, Semi-Sweet Mead



We only fill our own growlers.

32oz Growler Fills of "Gringer"

$10 - BH Growler

$18 - 32oz fill