About Our Mead

Mead is often cited as one of the oldest, if not the oldest, alcoholic beverage with roots tracing back to China and Africa. At the center of ancient Norse settlements was the mead hall that served as a place of communal relaxation and revelry. Norse mythology also includes many stories revolving around the production and drinking of mead.

BRIMMING HORN MEADERY will capture the rich historic Scandinavian culture in its mead production and venue.  

BRIMMING HORN sources all of its supplies (such as honey and fruit) locally, whenever possible, adding further benefit to the local economy.

Besides that, people expect real mead from the Brimming Horn...Old world tradition with a modern twist made with pride and honor.

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GOLDEN TEARS (dry)  $15.99

(Honey Mead)  The Mead's name comes from the myth of Freya who cried tears of gold for her lost lover Od.

Enjoy it's traditional crisp, DRY and delicately floral taste


FREYA'S KISS (semi sweet)  $16.99 

(Honey Mead)  A traditional SEMI SWEET mead named after the Norse goddess of love. Lightly sweet,delicate and divine!


Golden Cyser $17.99

(Apple Honey Wine) Our Cyser is a blend of pure honey and apple juice fermented to create a crisp, flavorful and Semi - Sweet Apple Honey Wine.



(Blackberry Honey Wine) A fruit mead or melomel as it was called in ancient times.This mead is made with locally grown blackberries and honey. Dry, yet fruity and complex!


Bloody Hoof $18.99  

Named after the Norse God FREY's horse.  Bloody Hoof is Red, Sweet and Luscious:  Honey, Cherries and Old World Tradition combine to make this drink of the Gods and Kings.  


persikka $18.99

Finnish for Peach, This semi-sweet melomel  is made with fresh peaches and pure honey and a touch of magic to remind you of the summer season.

BHM_Persikka Peach.jpg

Wolf Woods  $17.99

Piney, Citrusy and Herbal.  Pure Honey, Hops and Juniper Berries come together to create this uniqure beverage of old.